Step-by-step flowchart of curated resources to start your own business

Are you thinking about starting your own business?

That is exciting! And although it may also seem daunting, you are not alone. Roughly half a million businesses get started in the US each year of which a majority of owners consider it a success after 4 years (source).

However, when you start out there are many unknowns and choice points on your path forward... This uncertainty may feel paralyzing, and may inhibit your progress to building your idea into something real.

That is why I put together a curated list of resources.

When I started my first business I realized that a resource with a clear overview of steps to take and in what order would be a huge help. So I decided to combine everything I learned through experience, books, podcasts, workshops and many other resources into one big flowchart. This flowchart covers developing a business plan, legal aspects, financial aspects, creating website and other forms of contact, marketing & sales, operations and human resources. With the goal of providing the most economical option for each of those aspects.

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And I am building more tools to help.

I (with awesome help) am working on building an iOS application where these curated resources are combined into a smartphone app that lets you save and share your progress each step of the way, as well as offer many additional tools and resources. We hope to have a working prototype available by the end of this summer (2020).

About the author

Do Tromp started her first business in 2019, a coworking space in California. She loves to learn, optimize processes, and share those resources with others. She is concerned about the drop in successful small businesses (more info here), and hopes this resource will help others kickstart their own business.

Do started Davis Coworking after an unsuccesful search for a suitable coworking space to do work away from home. She realized that she wanted to start one herself and make it a space that she had imagined. Two months later Davis Coworking opened its doors, and it has been a great source of joy (meeting many inspiring coworkers) and experience. She wrote a Medium post on this experience.